Get Free Premium Domain

How it works

Sign up for account - complete the offer under "Status" after you completed the offer we will credit your account (It may take up to 24 hours to get the credits). Then all you need to do is to spread your refeeral url and get 5 signups to complete the offer as well, your refeeral url looks like: . Your refeeral url can be found under "Status" in your member area.

We get paid by our advertisers every time a offer is completed and use the funds to purchase your memberships. This way we both profit in the end. After you and you refeers have completed the offers, press order in your account then send me a email with the domain(s) you want (Please make sure that the domains is free to register, check it here before sending the email: I register the domain(s) and push to your account and you will have the domain for one year. Then you can complete the offer again and you will have it for another year. You will have full ownership over the domain(s).

The fastest method is to use your referral url like and to pass this onto friends or family who are interested or willing to help, or to post it in sites and forums that you frequently visit and know people who might be interested.

Fraud System

We have a VERY advanced fraud system, so please save both mine and your time and don’t sign up to more then one account. Directly when our system sees the same IP the member profile will loose credit. So there is no use to sign up more then one time in order to gain reefers.
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